Over 72% of all investors believe XRP will reach $ 100

  • According to a survey of XRP investors, 72.4% believe the cryptocurrency will reach a price of $ 100 in the future.
  • A whopping 82% said they will not exit their XRP investment below USD 10.

A new Twitter survey, recently conducted by XRP_Cro of more than 1,000 members of the XRP community, shows that most investors believe the price of XRP will rise to over $ 100 despite its rather below average performance over the past two years. A substantial majority of 72.4% of survey respondents believe the XRP price will reach $ 100 in the future.

Also interesting is the result that 68% of XRP owners invested “to get rich”, only just under 15% each bought it as a means of payment or because “they love new technologies”. It is also notable that XRP owners have “strong hands”. Therefore, 94.3% of survey respondents said they are long-term investors, only 5.7% are traders.

Furthermore, only 43% of them are willing to partially or completely exit the market if XRP reaches a price of $ 100 in the years 2021-2025. 39.1% will go out at a price between $ 10 and $ 50, the which means 82% won’t. they want to get out of their XRP investment under $ 10.

This percentage is surprisingly high when you consider that XRP is currently over 92% below its all-time high of $ 3.31 and that 44.1% of holders are still at a loss. In view of this, it is also surprising that a full 42.9% are “all-in” in XRP and not invested in any other cryptocurrency. In contrast, 44.3% of respondents said XRP represents 30-50% of their cryptocurrency portfolio.

In terms of investment amount, 77.3% own at least 10,000 XRPs, with 50.7% between 10,000 and 50,000 XRPs and 26.6% over 100,000 XRPs. Additionally, the second most popular cryptocurrency among XRP investors is VeChain (VET). Over 60% hold VET, followed by Cardano (27%) and Stellar Lumens (14%). Only 4.1% own Ethereum (ETH).

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Another survey result also shows that the vast majority of XRP Army consider Ripple CTO David Schwarz (62.4%) as their favorite employee, followed by Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, who comes in second with 33.2%. .

As reported by CNF, a few days ago even the renowned chart analyst “Credible Crypto” expressed extremely bullish views for XRP. The analyst predicted a rise in the XRP price during the next bull run to USD 20-30.

According to “Credible Crypto”, XRP has much greater potential and already now much greater acceptance than other cryptocurrencies. However, the analyst expects the next bull run to be as speculative as the previous two. However, one of the biggest beneficiaries could be XRP.

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