Oven comics website captured in Crypto Ransom Crossfire


An anonymous hacker demanded a $ 300 ransom to Monero to stop a DDOS attack on the comic site The Oatmeal.


In another sign that the crypto world is pouring into the mainstream internet, comedy site The La flour of oats has been asked for a ransom to Monero (XMR). The Oatmeal was subjected to a DDOS attack for a few hours, with founder Matthew Inman receiving an email later asking for a payment.

The Oatmeal refused to pay, using the standard DDOS protection instead.

https: // twitter .com / Flour / oat / state / 1034970357759762432

The redemption of 3 XMR would amount to about $ 306 at current prices. But the e-mail also highlighted the fact that it might be difficult to acquire cryptocurrencies. The use and submission of XMR may present a problem to someone who has never used cryptographic coins.

The Oatmeal has never been involved in cryptographic activities but is one of the comic sites on the margins of the current Internet culture. Some see the fact that The Oatmeal has inadvertently been in contact with a crypt user as a sign that the cryptographic virus is spreading.

But this use of Monero also falls into the category of use of cryptographic coins for improper purposes. Digital money has also been used in other forms of cryptography, in the form of hidden cryptography through websites, apps or even inefficient mining software. The Monero community fought against the reputation of the property as a tool for ransomware or illegal transactions. In theory, Monero can be sent anonymously, but a part of anonymity can be lost when using exchanges or services like Changelly, which must comply with KYC laws.

In the past, Bitcoin was required in ransom-linked WannaCry cryptography attack. This time, Inman was advised in the mail to go through Changelly's service to acquire XMR.

In addition to his involvement with the Oatmeal comics, Inman led a crowdfunding campaign to build a Nikola Tesla museum. But unlike Scott Adams, who recently directed an ICO for his WHEN token, Inman gave no indication that he was interested in the cryptographic sphere.

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