Our products meet or exceed industry standards


Xbox Series X hit the market yesterday, November 10, and between yesterday and today many gamers have started receiving their next generation consoles. The launch can be considered a success for Microsoft, all Xbox Series X units were sold before its launch and it is currently nearly impossible to get a unit, some stores will open reservations next Monday as announced by Xtralife.

It is evident that with the arrival of the new consoles the first problems were about to arrive, which on the other hand it is completely normal that some electronic device fails, it is not new, nor will it be the first, but when it comes to consoles and in this Xbox case It seems that the bugs have been overrated, (not that they don’t exist) only that they have been exaggerated and even some of them are directly fake.

Xbox Series X meets the strictest quality controls

Due to these problems that have appeared on networks (we insist that any console can fail) through Microsoft Tom Warren de, The Verge, shared a message about the quality controls their products, including Xbox, go through.

We take all product safety reports very seriously and our products meet or exceed industry standards. We are investigating further.

We hope that all of you who have purchased the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S can enjoy your new consoles without any major problems. If unfortunately you have a problem with any of them, consider that sometimes it can happen and that no electronic device is free (and almost at all) from failures, even if completely new.

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