Other Stock Exchanges and Hedge Funds as Arrington XRP Capital Making XRP Their Core Currencies


Undoubtedly, XRP has some unrivaled cross-border value transfer properties that make it a honey pot for trade, institutions, individuals or even hedge funds.

More recently, Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch, an avid investor and owner of Arrington XRP Capital, has recognized that XRP is by far the best option for international transactions. He also explained why his hedge funds, Arrington XRP Capital is dominated in XRP, despite his revelation that his fund actually possessed more Bitcoin than XRP in their diversified portfolio.

XRP is fantastic

In an interview with Blockinpress, Mike said using XRP is really fantastic, cheap and very efficient. These intrinsic properties of XRP have found a basis for settling on making XRP their base currency at the expense of legal currencies or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for example.

"So we wanted to be the first hedge fund to call us not in dollars or some other fiat currency but in a real cryptocurrency.We know that XRP is the best for this because – look, it's a little bit of it. more centralized than, for example, in Bitcoin, it has its detractors, many people in the United States do not like it, but if you need to move a little bit of money very cheap and very quickly, is nothing better than XRP. "

His statement could not be far from the truth. However, it is the economic aspect that has attracted the use of XRP. Recently, it was used when they transferred almost $ 50 million almost instantly and ended up paying 30 cents as transaction fees.

"Our first close was over $ 50 million and we shifted that money in 3 seconds, and it cost 20 or 30 cents to move that $ 50 or something millions of dollars."

 xrp vs other cryptocurrency

Centralization is quite good

Well, there are frictions from time to time, especially on issues of centralization, but different results have shown that centralization is good for blockchain products. For some reasons, having a figure in mind, a leading center often quickly follows developments and additions of new features that add value.

However, despite all this endless debate, Ripple and XRP have announced they are different and independent entities. In addition, in an attempt to distribute and decentralize, Ripple, the company is implementing a decentralization strategy that could see them introduce new third-party validators. This would inevitably entail their influence in the decision-making process within their blockchain and in the process making them more decentralized than the Ethereum or even Bitcoin networks.

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