one cluster causes 5 deaths and 39 positive cases for Covid-19 in a nursing home


The “Au fil de l’eau” nursing home in Montargis, Loiret, deplores 5 deaths and 35 positive cases out of 60 residents. The staff also counted 4 positive cases.

A source of contamination inside the “Au fil de l’eau” nursing home in Montargis, Loiret, has killed 5 people since the beginning of October, according to the Center hospitalier de l’AgglomĂ©ration montargoise.

Among the residents, 35 positive cases out of 60 residents have been detected since 22 October. Among the staff, four people tested positive, bringing the toll to 39 cases. Information confirmed by the regional health authority.

The director of CHAM, on which the nursing home depends, assures that his team is studying how the virus could have been transmitted on such a large scale.

We are investigating with the doctor and the care team how they could have been contaminated in such a large number compared to the number of residents there are “The River”. It challenges us to have so many cases in this industry.

Jean-Luc Davigo, director of the CHAM

The first symptoms were felt on October 18, according to Jean-Luc Davigo. The plant has been contained since October 22 and visits are suspended.

Twelve people with the coronavirus, aged 62 to 101, are currently on oxygen. The others are in their rooms, isolated. The link with the families is ensured by telephone or video call.

Among the nursing homes of Montargis, that of La Cerisaie also counts about fifteen cases. According to the CHAM and the city hall, no other Ehpad would be interested.

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