Okcash vs. Reddcoin – Battle of PoS Cryptocurrencies


Proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies (PoS) have many technical advantages. They are gaining popularity now due to growing environmental concerns about the extraction of cryptocurrencies.

Some PoS currencies also offer investors dividends on the holding of coins, making them rather profitable. You only need to keep some PoS tokens in your wallet to earn a passive income.

Two of the most popular PoS coins are OkCash and ReddCoin, both of which have had some price success in recent weeks. Both Okcash and Reddcoin are based on the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.

These are very different projects, but it is worth weighing the technical aspects for those looking for investment in PoS coins.

What is OKCash?

In the information era, when digital data can be sent almost anywhere in the world, there is no reason for a slow and expensive transfer of digital resources.

The 625th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization (at the time of this writing), OkCash is a fork of Litecoin and is one of the most underrated PoS digital currencies. The currency has higher confirmation rates than most other digital resources.

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Source: http://okcash.io/

OKCash is an open source cryptocurrency that claims to be completely decentralized, which means that anyone can contribute to the code of the OKcash software.

It can be used without problems through social media. For example, you can send OKcash tokens to anyone on Twitter or Reddit, even if the recipient does not have a wallet.

The OKCash blockchain network is easy to use and specifically designed to make things easy for everyone.

Money is also built in such a way that people can earn more tokens simply by keeping a certain amount of coins in their OKcash wallets. Rise up and start earning more coins at a fixed rate without requiring their owners to buy mining equipment. Other advantages include the fact that OkCash has no lower limit requirements and that the input threshold is very low.

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Source: http://okcash.io/

OKcash can be purchased with GiroPay and SOFORT . Furthermore, it is currently on the market at Cryptopia Bleutrade and Bittrex .

History of OKcash

The OKcash cryptocurrency was launched in 2014 by an anonymous developer named OKToshi. as a crossover POW / POS model, but is currently a POS model. There are currently 75 million OKcash coins in circulation.

What is ReddCoin?

Reddcoin wants to be a ping rating suggestion for social platforms like Twitter Reddit Facebook YouTube and Twitch . It is a virtual currency designed to integrate with large social networks and platforms. According to the developer, it should open space for a wide range of monetization of content based on likes, comments, shares and other appreciation materials published on social networks.

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Source: https://reddcoin.com/

For example, assuming you like and "like" a post on Twitter, you can give a little bit of ReddCoin to the poster with a transaction fee of 0%.

Owners earn participation rewards

Reddcoin uses the PoS algorithm rather than Proof-of-Work (PoW) to distribute digital tokens across the network: a user can earn coins by stakeout rather than mining.

Peak speed test (PoSV)

The cryptocurrency is based on algorithm PoSV (Test of the rate of betting). The algorithm is a combination of risk-proof and work-proof. It encourages users to keep and exchange coins. In short, it looks like this: just as in the case of the "equity proof" algorithm, the more coins a user holds, the more chance he or she has to confirm transactions. Try to remove the hashing power from the hands of the miners – who have gradually turned the blockchain into a centralized system.

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<p style= Source: https://reddcoin.com/

History of Development

The project was launched in 2014 through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), raising about $ 100,000 At that time, the cryptocurrency market was just beginning to develop: virtual currencies as famous as Ethereum Monero and Dash were already on the market, the developer of the project is the programmer Larry Ren. So far, Reddcoin has developed a platform that integrates with Twitter, Twitch.tv and Justin. tv.

Reddcoin cryptocurre exchange rate ncy

Reddcoin is a virtual currency with low prices. l 2014, shortly after the start of the project, the price of RDD was less than $ 0.00005 US. Reddcoin recorded its first significant increase at the start of summer 2017, when the exchange rate remained at $ 0.001 for a period of time. Reddcoin can be traded on the major exchanges of virtual currencies such as UpBit Bittrex and Cryptopia .

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