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Sayısal Loto’s name is now called Crazy Numeric Lotto. Crazy Lotto game rules are as follows:

There are 90 numbers in one column. 6 of the 90 numbers are marked.

One or more columns can be played.

The fee for a single column is 3 TL.


You choose, an option developed for you by Online Crazy Numeric Lotto. With this feature developed for those who do not want to fill their own coupons themselves, the CHOOSE YOU box is checked under the column and a lucky coupon with 6 random numbers is created.

System game

System game; develops multiple game combinations. The game consists of selecting more than 6 numbers in a coupon. By selecting more than six numbers, players automatically generate all combinations that can be created with the selected numbers in separate columns.

Crazy Numeric Lotto; It can be played on www.millipiyangonline.com, Milli Piyango application or outlets both digitally and on the street; we are closer to you!

You have the chance to win 3 days a week! Crazy Numeric Lotto is drawn 3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. In each draw, 6 numbers + 1 number (Joker) are drawn from the 90 numbers in the sphere. Joker number; Each number drawn is drawn without being included in the draw again.

If you match 6, 5 + 1 (Joker), 5, 4, 3 or 2 numbers from the numbers that appear in each draw in the column, you will win a jackpot. Know 6 wins the Crazy Lotto jackpot! If there is more than one winner in the same bonus category, the bonus pool is split equally among the winners.


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