NVIDIA Series 30: Can you be interested if you are not a gamer?


NVIDIA Series 30 consists (at the time of writing) of 3 different graphics cards: RTX 3070, RTX 3080, and RTX 3090. Their release was so well received that the company wrote a post on the official website where they apologize to those who don’t they managed to pre-order the new components, namely the RTX 3080 version, the first to be launched – “the demand for the GeForce RTX 3080 was truly unprecedented. We and our partners have underestimated it. “

It’s a problem we’ve encountered since the start of the pandemic, when products that you’d normally think only gamers were interested flew off the shelves, referring here primarily to gaming consoles. Is it because the game has grown enormously as a market in recent years, becoming a passion or hobby for more and more people?

But what do you do if you are not a gamer? How do you know where this enthusiasm for NVIDIA 30 Series comes from?

We won’t explain here all the technologies you can find on NVIDIA graphics cards, such as RTX or DLSS, because we have already done so in other previous materials. Instead we will try to understand if such a graphics card can be useful to a non-gamer, a person who is not at all interested in the latest Assassin’s Creed or Cyberpunk 2077.

So, the first thing you’ll definitely look at will be the price – the good news is that it’s identical to what the 20 series had at launch, so we haven’t seen a significant increase in that. If you don’t mind the 3090, which is “the best of the best” anyway, the price you should pay for such a graphics card is a few hundred dollars.

But why should you pay so much? What do these graphics cards help you with and for whom? Well, they are a great choice for professionals: NVIDIA also has the Quadro series, dedicated to those who want the most powerful graphics cards to equip their workstations, but those are available at high to very high prices for the simplest users. Therefore, using a 30 series card can be a good and cheaper choice, taking into account all the features it offers.

In addition to the gaming features mentioned above, NVIDIA has brought extraordinarily advanced artificial intelligence to the Series 30 that can help in creative applications. Basically, anyone involved in 3D scenes, video editing (even in 8K) or streaming content will benefit from considerable power.

Also included in this chapter is the NVIDIA Broadcast feature, which, while at first glance it seems streamer-oriented and dedicated to them, can be extremely useful for those who spend many hours in virtual meetings on Zoom, Teams, or other similar platforms. Basically, Broadcast transforms the space behind you into a studio, offering a multitude of virtual backgrounds, the auto framing function, so that you are always in the center of the picture, no matter how much you move, but also the excellent possibility of cancel background noise. Basically, get rid of the dog barking next to you or the famous over / under neighbor’s drill.

Last but not least, it stands out with the launch of the new 30 series from NVIDIA and RTX I / O, which allows for faster processing of games in terms of graphics and storage that fits the same paradigm: speed. Basically, high-quality textures in games will render much faster, so even when you run through an open world game like Red Dead Redemption 2 or The Witcher 3, you won’t notice any graphics glitches.

For fans, Omniverse Machinima is also worth mentioning, an application that allows you to create new stories with your favorite games, with sound and facial animations included, as well as Reflex, a system that optimizes and reduces latency in multiplayer games. , so the response time is much better.

For those who want to spend as little as possible on the graphics card, there is also the GeForce GTX 3070 version, which, this week, will appear in the stocks of department stores in Romania. GTX 3070 is a very powerful card, built on Ampere architecture, like the whole 30 series, with RT cores that allow two times faster transfer and almost a third better performance than the 2070 model. For gamers there is no shortage of classic technologies, such as Ray Tracing or DLSS, so if you want to play after work, you can do it with the best settings and in excellent quality.

NVIDIA’s 30 series has made graphics cards much easier to recommend even to those who aren’t big fans of games. Having such power in your PC seems to entice you to do more, use it to its full potential, and churn out the butter every day.

Material made with NVIDIA support.

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