Now you can create your own LEGO games for free and without knowing anything about programming thanks to Unity


Faced with the success and the noise of Unreal Engine, especially in recent months, in Unit They have no choice but to get creative with ideas like their self-publishing platform, Bolt’s purchase, or, with the general public in mind, their latest alliance with LEGO.

From the hand of his latest creation, called LEGO Microgame, users no prior knowledge of the platform or the world of programming They can unleash their creativity by creating their own sets of blocks and figures without knees.

How to create your video game from scratch: for free, without knowing programming and without ever having created a 3D object

Based on mods and tutorials you can shape your game to assemble your characters and scenarios, create and import enemies, set menus or understand how the different elements you are adding to your game work.

The idea of ​​the project is approach the world of development in an easy and fun way to those who want to enter the world, and for this reason has set up an ecosystem as accessible as possible. They guarantee that any beginner can create their own game in under an hour. You’ll have to take a look at it.

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