Norris apologizes for the “stupid” claims of the media



Red Bull sets new season record

Don’t blink or you may miss the fastest pit stop of the year. Red Bull stopped Alexander Albon in Portimao in 1.86 seconds, a new record this season. Chapeau!

– Overview: The fastest stops in 2020!

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Petrov comments on his father’s death

Vitaly Petrov first spoke on Twitter today after the sad weekend news. The Russian was originally serving as FIA race commissioner in Portugal when terrible news broke out of his father’s death on Saturday. Petrov was released from his duties and immediately went to Russia.

Today he writes: “This is the worst that could have happened to me. My pain is limitless. My heart would like to stay still. Our family has lost the closest, most lovable, sincere and kind person in the world. Me and mine brother, together with my mother, I can’t believe what happened. He’s gone, but he lives in me! “

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Ricciardo: The last fast corner helped

In Portimao we saw a particularly high number of overtaking maneuvers from start to finish, thanks to the wake and DRS support. Daniel Ricciardo explains how this could have happened. “One of the key factors is a fast last corner. That way you can recover pretty early in the slipstream. It’s a bit like Mugello,” said the Australian.

Unlike other routes like Barcelona. “There you accelerate from a slow chicane, which creates the accordion effect.” This means that you will only benefit from the slipstream after half of the straight.

Not everyone liked the inflationary overtaking in the first corner, our editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll complained about DRS in his traditional column on Monday and let Sports Director Ross Brawn sleep badly!


Ocon: closer to Ricciardo

For the second time this season, Esteban Ocon finished on Sunday ahead of Daniel Ricciardo. “I’m not sure this was my best weekend. But I’d say it was the best to work with the team.” He is also happy to have approached Ricciardo in the last few races.

His qualifying deficit is 0.248 seconds on average, although he was even closer to the Australian at the Eifel (+0.019) and also at Portimao (+0.133). “This is a good sign for the rest of the season. It took a while to get into the team.”


Praise for the start of Raikkonen

Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo were as impressed by Kimi Raikkonen’s departure in the Portuguese Grand Prix on Sunday as we are! The Finn proved that you don’t have to be slow even at 41. The proud dad then showed the video to his son Robin at home.


McLaren: I will post photos of Sainz’s leadership

Back to McLaren. The team was able to look forward to the lead of Carlos Sainz in the early laps in Portugal. “There are some great pictures that we will hang at home,” reveals team boss Andreas Seidl. This will give the team further motivation to continue pursuing the big goal of getting back to the top.

“It was nice to see we had a few laps in the lead. But it was clear we had to focus on our race,” he admits. After just six laps, Sainz was finally overtaken again. But: “Compared to Verstappen, also with soft tires, Carlos gave a show”.


Massa: Hamilton is more talented than Schumacher

About Lewis Hamilton …

Felipe Massa thinks the Brit has more driving talent than Michael Schumacher. The German has been a hard worker, but Hamilton is more talented, the Brazilian compares him in the podcast “In the Fast Lane”.

In terms of technology, Massa believes Schumacher is ahead. “I don’t think Lewis [sein Auto] knows one hundred percent. “Also in terms of fitness, Schumacher was very strong.” In terms of talent, Lewis is perhaps ahead of Schumacher. Because even if he doesn’t work that hard, he can still do everything perfectly. “


Norris apologizes to Hamilton & Stroll

Lando Norris didn’t look the best this weekend. The British was involved in an accident with Lance Stroll. The Canadian complained loudly on the box radio. After the race, he then paddled back and apologized for his swearing.

Today comes the next apology. Background: After Sunday’s race, the McLaren driver was asked about Lewis Hamilton’s record win. “I’m happy for him, nothing more. It means nothing to me. He drives a car that should win every race.”

Norris’s statements were interpreted as a criticism of Hamilton. “He just has to beat one or two riders. He’s doing the job he has to do.” These statements were “stupid” in retrospect, he writes on Twitter today. “I’ve been stupid and careless about some of the things I’ve said in the media and interviews lately and haven’t shown the respect I should show to certain people.”



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