Norkys Batista and Alexis Goncalves arrived in Las Vegas to start enjoying their honeymoon (+ IMAGES)


After your wedding, Norkys and Alexis they are dedicated to spending their honeymoon in the city of Las Vegas. The couple’s first intimate images could already be seen in their room.

Mr and Mrs Goncalves Batista they promised their followers that they will be able to know firsthand all the details of their stay in the known “city of sin”. The Norkys YouTube Channel, Once again it will be used to post videos that will testify the places traveled and the fun of the spouses.

Their recent wedding was a waste of good taste and beautiful details worked out by the hands of the Venezuelan entrepreneurs who came together My little garden and made the celebration a very special and unforgettable moment.

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Choosing the city of Las Vegas to host your honeymoon is one of the dreams of every married couple. Only this time around, the city is under restrictions due to the pandemic. Live shows are not performed. The hotels are open but with their own security measures including virus detection tests and a capacity that does not exceed 50%. There are few people on the street but there are restaurants, casinos and bars open.

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