News on the NEO coins: two new tokens to expand the NEO ecosystem



NGD (NEO Global Development) published a monthly report for September on October 1st. The monthly reports are designed to inform the NEO community about new events, progress and developments related to the project.

Five news on the NEO coins in September

According to the NGD report, the NEO had five noteworthy events in September. The first includes the version of NEO-CLI v2.9.0. This is a full node program that represents the first NEO client that allows the use of the actor model. I

The refactored code is seen as a method to "set the stage" for block times with greater stability. Additional benefits based on performance for the entire blockchain are also expected.

The second news of the September NEO currency includes the creation of two assets: CGAS and CNEO. These activities are expected to enable developers to negotiate GAS and NEO equivalents through smart contracts.

Subsequently, NEO Global Development also launched its own bounty program. With the increase in a series of hacking incidents in the entire cryptic world during the year, it is easy to see why NEO wants more security for its blockchain. NGD has promised rewards for defects, with the size of a reward based on the severity of the discovered defects.

The fourth news of the NEO coins includes a competition for the creative design of the website and the NEO icon. The competition is still ongoing and will remain so for another ten days, ending on 14 October. The prize for winning the competition is $ 30,000.

Finally, the last major event in September includes nine members of the team that NGD has hired at the time of the announcement of job openings. Although NGD has already hired these nine individuals, it remains on the lookout for new talent, according to their recent announcement.

The report also mentions additional development, which includes a Swisscom consensus node added to NEO TestNet.

Past events regarding the NEO community

NEO is a busy blockchain, with lots of community events. These include hackathons, workshops, international meetings, conferences and the like. NGD participated directly in thirteen of these events during the last month. The events took place in many countries, including Georgia, Singapore, China, Korea, Japan, Uruguay and Malaysia.

Future events concerning the NEO community

While the NEO has had a large number of community events throughout the month of September, more will be scheduled in the coming weeks.

One of these is the European hackathon tour, which should start on October 20th. The tour will start in Rotterdam and Delft, and from there, it will be ready to go to Berlin (26 and 27 October) and then to Zurich (3 and 4 November).

The participants will receive a total of 4,050 GAS and 1,500 NEOs in prizes. Prizes will be shared between three events during the tour.

On October 26th, Berlin will also host NEO Meetup. In addition, NEO has scheduled the fifth "Blockchain Open Course", to be held on October 20 in Shanghai, China.

Those interested in reading the full NGD monthly report can do so by clicking HERE.

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