New settings for smart features are coming to Gmail


Google will now ask users for smart features and customizations it has released to provide users with a better Gmail experience. Users will be able to disable these features in settings if they do not wish to use them.

Google has announced that it will release smart new features focused on privacy and personalization for Gmail, one of the most popular email services in the world. With the new features, Google aims to make Gmail a more user-friendly and secure application.

According to statements released by Google, some of these smart features may already be activated and deactivated at the request of users. With the update in question, Google gives users a clearer choice and makes features more understandable.

Google will release two new settings for Gmail’s smart features and personalization


According to statements released by Google, the new smart features and personalization setting are a continuation of the functionality the company previously introduced and allows users to delete their personal data from Google’s database, and the company will give users greater control of your data on Google with the new setting to publish. .

Google will offer users two separate settings to enable / disable smart features in Gmail, Chat and Meet or to customize / not customize Google products with user data. Users will be able to clearly see what will happen if they open these settings. This way they can clearly see what they are allowing or not allowing.


Google has issued a statement on the TL 196 million fines imposed by the competition authority

According to Google’s claims, users will be able to continue using Gmail if they disable smart features or personalization settings. These settings will focus more on whether users want a personalized experience.


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