New FoLex Crypto Exchange to add the XRP exchange pair with Ripple native token with large aperture


Ripple has been constantly in the latest news, especially to find a new partner for their xRapid service. Most partnerships do not affect the value of XRP, however, with Folex it's not the case.

Folex is an all-in-one solution for Crypto and FIAT services. Their main objective is to provide its customers with a transaction and an unlimited investment portfolio. Folex holds an international financial license (IFC) from the Georgian National Bank. The license and all financial services will be available for the company to offer. Georgia has an excellent banking infrastructure and is very open to the encrypted market. The country is also a first class place to guarantee our customers security and anonymity at the same time.

The exchange is listing the Ripple XRP as a currency to exchange from the beginning. Ripple has struggled a lot to get XRP as a currency in trading. But they have succeeded and are making great progress.

Folex is not yet online, however, they are making a lot of noise in the crypto community. Some of their features are:

Normal and Pro mode: the exchange has a simple and intuitive user interface. At the same time, they must also satisfy their professional traders. So they have two modes, normal and pro to solve this problem.

Token ERC 20: Folex provides each user with an ERC-20 compatible portfolio, so that all tokens running through ICO can easily be transferred to the exchange.

FoLex Banking: each user can, in addition to his account, open a bank account that can also be used as a reference / clearing account. From the deposited credit, the criptos can be bought and sold directly.

xRapid is Ripple's cross-border payment service that uses the XRP token to settle payments. Although hundreds of banks use the Ripple network, only a handful is currently using xRapid. There seems to be a handful of reasons behind the surge in the volume of XRP, from the ongoing launch of Ripple's xRapid service to its expansion into new territories.

In particular, XRP has once again exceeded Ethereum following the 18% peak, but Ethereum has again gained its position.

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