New era in WhatsApp chats. The feature everyone has been waiting for has officially launched


WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application in the world, has got its new functionality. The option to completely disable WhatsApp chats has been added to the feature everyone has been waiting for.

According to the news of the Sözcü newspaper, WhatsApp, the leading messaging application used worldwide, has added a new feature for Android and IOS users to make the application easier to use and solve in-app problems faster.


The platform, which previously offered three options, 8 hours, 1 week and 1 year to deactivate WhatsApp groups, has added a new one. WhatsApp’s ability to completely disable chats is now available to all users. In this way, the deactivated chats can no longer be deactivated automatically. This feature is expected to arrive on all devices in the next few days.

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