Neuroscientists reveal ways to stay optimistic during the pandemic


One way is to plan, because “the feeling of control is very important to the happiness” of the individual.

The global covid-19 pandemic affects both the physical and mental health of people, as many people have a hard time feeling happy about the uncertainty that the future generates.

However, neuroscientist Tali Sharot finds it necessary to remain optimistic even at the worst times, because “the feeling of control is very important to happiness,” she told CNBC.

Sharot and a group of scientists from University College London (England, UK) have revealed that control is the main factor of happiness and one of the best ways to increase that feeling is to make plans.

Despite the apparent impossibility of this task, this specialist points out that sometimes it is enough to plan a dinner with friends or go for a walk because “the wait itself makes us happy”.

“It is important to keep in the habit of making plans, writing them down in a diary and having something we can expect,” said Tali Sharot.

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