Netflix tests a channel of TV-like scheduled content so users don’t have to choose


The streaming service explains that it has introduced this feature for those who just want to ‘lie down’ and don’t have to choose what to watch.

The Netflix video platform is testing a channel with TV-like scheduled content so users don’t have to choose what to watch, Variety reports.

For now, the service has chosen France to test this called channel Direct. With this function, the platform wants to offer its users the possibility to watch movies like on any other channel, with their consolidated daily programming, without having to search and choose the contents.

On its website, Netflix commented that it had chosen this country to test its scheduled channel due to the high demand for “traditional television consumption”. “In France, watching traditional television is still very popular among people who just want to have the experience of “lying down” and not having to choose programs “, explain from Netflix.

Netflix tests a new feature much awaited by users of its

“We are testing a new feature for our users in France called Direct. Maybe you are not in the mood to decide, or you are new and orienting yourself, or you just want to be surprised by something new and different,” the service highlighted. .

However, this new functionality is only available through a service browser. Since November 5th, the channel has been operational in parts of France and Netflix plans to roll it out across the country by December.

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