Netcoins Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform announces Stellar Lumens announcement (XLM)


The main cryptocurrency exchange platform, Netcoins yesterday, on August 20, announced that the platform has officially listed Stellar Lumens (XLM) . The information was transmitted to the official Twitter account of the Exchanger who stated: "We have listed Stellar, available for immediate purchase, through our OTC private brokerage services business and our 21,000 + commercial positions in Australia, Europe and Canada! To learn more, visit our news blog ".

The official announcement published on the corporate blog talked about the cryptocurrency explaining that "Stellar is currently the number 6 for market capitalization for cryptocurrencies according to .Stellar is an open source protocol for the exchange of money using technology blockchain.

Mark Binns, CEO of Netcoins commented on the recent important list stating that "the addition of Stellar leads us to have 5 of the first 7 coins available through Netcoin. The network effect of having more coins available continues to make Netcoins a 1-stop shopping destination for Crypto, which in turn supports revenue growth. We are looking forward to completing the top 7 in the coming months, along with additional high-paid coin lists using our LaaS revenue model. "

Netcoins is a software development company that allows you to easily buy and sell. cryptocurrencies: Mass consumers and investors therefore have the opportunity to transact through intermediary services, as stated on the official website of the company, "Netcoin has helped thousands of customers to buy and sell Bitcoins. Our Virtual Bitcoin ATM software offers retailers and individual professionals a great way to sell Bitcoins in-store. Best of all? It is free to become a retailer! "

The announcement also encouraged users to immediately start making transactions in Stellar by giving the two main options for buying money on the platform." To buy Stellar now, contact Netcoins at (844) -515- COIN o [email protected] ", concluded the official message.

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