Natural product linseed oil – How it can benefit your health

As a health donor, vegetable oils are the focus of interest for many health-conscious people. Since the positive effects of the Mediterranean diet on health are known, many of the positive properties of this particular form of nutrition are also linked to the oils used. You should be responsible for ensuring that residents of the Mediterranean region suffer less from cardiovascular disease than the rest of Europeans. What are the ingredients that make so many vegetable oils so valuable for health?

Unsaturated fatty acids are the secret to healthy oils

Unsaturated fatty acids, differentiated into omega-9 (monounsaturated) fatty acids, omega-6 (doubly unsaturated) fatty acids and omaga-3 (triple unsaturated) fatty acids, are responsible for the liquid oily nature of vegetable oils. Each vegetable oil has a characteristic composition typical of the respective oil. Olive oil mainly contains oleic acid, a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid, but no omega-3 fatty acids. Linseed oil, on the other hand, mainly contains omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid and also oleic acid and omega-6 fatty linoleic acid. What all vegetable oils have in common is that, unlike animal oils and fats, they contain only a small amount of saturated fatty acids. This is a good thing, because saturated fatty acids are not supposed to have a positive effect on health. Quite the opposite. Therefore, the percentage of animal fats in a healthy and balanced diet should also be kept low. But which vegetable oils should you use for health reasons? Experts recommend linseed oil as a supplement to classic salad oils, as it contains the healthiest alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA, of all natural plant oils. ALA is one of the three omega-3 fatty acids important to humans. The other two are of animal origin. The ALA of linseed oil has been studied in many scientific studies. It has been found to have a positive influence on risk factors leading to cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks. It is also the starting substance of hormones and tissue mediators that play a health promoting role in inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism. ALA has also been reported to have positive effects on bone health. All of these reasons make flaxseed oil with a lot of ALA appear particularly valuable for preventative health care. Unfortunately, flaxseed oil is very sensitive and the valuable fatty acids can be easily destroyed by light and storage. Therefore, specially prepared flaxseed oil in pure vegetable capsules should be used, which protect the delicate flaxseed oil. Easy to swallow, purely vegetarian capsules with organic flax oil and many ALAs are available as OmVitum. The capsules are made on the basis of purely vegetable raw materials and obviously do not contain gelatin or other substances of animal origin. The preparation is also free of dyes and allergens. Each OmVitum softgel contains 600 mg of organic flaxseed oil with approximately 300 mg of ALA omega-3 fatty acid plus other important omega fatty acids. OmVitum as a monthly supply (90 capsules; PZN 11528336) or as a 3- (PZN 11528342) or 6-month (PZN 11528359) economic supply is available in pharmacies or conveniently online at can be ordered free of charge. Detailed information and scientific background on OmVitum capsules can be found at

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Navitum® Pharma develops and sells products based on natural substances, vital substances and micronutrients for the nutritional and physiological health care of modern and health-conscious people. The products are all composed and documented on the basis of current scientific knowledge and studies. These unique and scientifically based products require competent explanations and advice, backed by a doctor or pharmacy.
Navitum® Pharma products are intended as an additional measure for diseases that may be affected by nutritional (dietary) medicine. These include cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, bone and joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, immunological diseases such as infections and microbiome disorders, and old age diseases such as dementia. The composition and dosage of the products strictly follow scientific criteria and correspond to the situation of the study in the corresponding area of ​​application.
The following products are currently available:
ProVitum for the dietary treatment of prostate diseases
MemoVitum for the dietary treatment of age-related cognitive and immunological changes
ArtVitum for the dietary treatment of osteoarthritis
OmVitum for the dietary treatment of arteriosclerosis and inflammation
afterbiotic for the dietary treatment of diarrhea accompanied by antibiotics

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