Natistar Alisha Lehmann makes more money with Instagram than with football


Alisha Lehmann explains: “I can live off my salaries as a player, but not much more.” Image: keystone

Natistar Alisha Lehmann – the woman who earns more money with Instagram than with football

Alisha Lehmann wants to play early for Switzerland in the European Championships, the next qualifying match in Romania is scheduled today at 16.30.

etienne wuillemin / ch media

For once, this annoying virus also has a small advantage. The women’s national team traveled this afternoon to the next qualification for the European Championships with a private plane. This is what UEFA says. In Mogosoaia, just under a 30-minute drive from Bucharest, Switzerland meets Romania (4:30 pm, SRF2 live). A win – and EM 2022 is very close.

That this is also has to do with Alisha Lehmann. The 21-year-old scored the important 2-1 win in the biggest battle against Belgium with her goal a month ago. Now Lehmann says: “We would do well to take Romania very seriously.” The 1-1 draw in Croatia just before Belgium’s victory is already a memorial. For Lehmann it would be the first major tournament. In 2017 he was not part of the EM. Missing the 2019 World Cup still hurts.

The story of the soccer player Alisha Lehmann begins in Konolfingen, in the canton of Bern. She was six when she joined the soccer team with her cousin. Stops again after six months. The fun is limited to kids only. Six months later it starts for the second time, “only if you make it,” says his mother. She does. Also because this time there are two friends.

At 12 the path leads to YB. In the summer of 2015, Lehmann is part of the U17, who reach the finals at the European Championships, is the best result of a Swiss women’s selection. At that point, at the latest, it becomes clear: your path will sooner or later take you abroad. The moment came in 2018. She joined West Ham United at the age of 19. He still plays there today and has since extended his contract until 2022.

Alisha Lehmann in action against Manchester City. Image: AP / PA

“Now I have become one of the leaders. I have matured, I have improved technically and physically and my self-esteem has also grown “.

But Lehmann is more than just a footballer.

Make more money with Instagram than with football

The story of influencer Alisha Lehmann begins in spring 2018. With a video on Lake Lucerne. Barefoot and in bikini, Lehmann shows his ball skills, the images go viral, they get almost a million views.

Lehmann demonstrates his skills.

There has also been a strong upward trend on social media since then. 1.5 million followers already have on Instagram. For comparison: Of all the Swiss national teams, only Xherdan Shaqiri and Granit Xhaka have a greater reach with their profiles.

Swiss sports influencers 2019

For Lehmann, however, the importance of their virtual presence is much greater. Because, unlike his male colleagues, he doesn’t make millions from football. “I can live off my pay as a player but not much more. Thanks to social media I earn well. And the effort required is also limited “.

Now, however, there shouldn’t be a wrong picture. Lehmann loves to stage himself, he says, but he also says: “I only do the things I like. When my management receives requests, I discuss them and choose the brands that are right for me. My closet has no room for all the things that are sent to me. Then I give some items to my teammates. “For Lehmann it is equally important that he can help make women’s football more visible.” I think it’s great when some girls start playing football when they see videos or photos of me. “

In conversation, the current 21-year-old is just as open on the subject as she presents herself online. It represents a generation that does and does what you feel like doing. And he also shares his private life with the public.

This also includes her relationship with Nati’s colleague Ramona Bachmann. The two never kept it a secret. Because there is nothing to hide. Not even during the meetings with the national team. But Lehmann notes one thing: “On the pitch we are normal teammates, not in a relationship”.

They lived together in London until recently. Bachmann played for Chelsea. In the summer she left the city and moved to Paris. Because he no longer felt comfortable at Chelsea. “Alisha saw how unhappy I was and said to me: “. This is what Bachmann told the “NZZ am Sonntag”.

Up to four hours of video telephony per day

And that’s why Lehmann now lives alone in London. “For the first time in my life. Because of Corona, sometimes it’s quite boring, “he says. Visiting between families has long been banned in London.” Luckily there’s FaceTime, on some days we can see and listen to each other for up to four hours. . Or go for a walk with our dogs at the same time. “

These days, the two enjoy seeing each other live. Together they will be on the pitch against Romania. Who will score the goals? It does not matter. The main thing is that it is enough to win. Like against Belgium a month ago.

The signs of the women’s national team in the victory against Belgium

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