Nashwa Mustafa requests a strange request from a doctor who treated her from Corona … Know him


Artist Nashwa Mustafa has announced that she has recovered from the Corona virus, via a live broadcast on her Facebook page from inside Agouza Hospital.

And he started his speech, praise be to God: he said: I was entering the fight of death, and thanks to God and your prayers and the angels of mercy in the hospital, I was able to go back again and asked Dr. to explain his difficult condition in which he found himself.

Then Dr Mahmoud talked about the ministry’s protocol and moral support provided by the hospital team, which led to the prompt response, then Dr Muhammad Asaad and Dr Ahmed Imbabi talked about ways to fight infections in the hospital.

She confirmed that she recovered after going through serious complications, praising the great effort made by the medical staff, the merits of the Egyptian Ministry of Health, the government hospital, doctors, nurses and wise men of the government hospital.

Nashwa Mustafa wanted to thank a number of doctors and nurses for the followers on his Facebook page, and they all confirmed that all inmates are treated equally.

Nashwa Mustafa told one of the doctors who treat her, you have to give me joy

Was The Minister of Health and Population Advisor for Media Affairs and the Ministry’s Official Spokesperson Dr. Khaled Mujahid had previously confirmed that the health condition of the artist Nashwa Mustafa is very good and constantly improving and is receiving medical service at its best.

The artist, Nashwa Mustafa, had announced that she had been infected with Coronavirus through a post on her personal account on the “Facebook” site, to be transferred to the Agouza isolation hospital and put on a ventilator after her health had deteriorated. deteriorated during the period of home isolation.


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