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Nasdacoin (NSD) fights bear market with 360% gain price analysis -Nasdacoin

There is Nasdacoin (NSD), a cryptocurrency that nobody has talked about until now. Some crypto-lovers do not believe in the potentials of the Nasdacoin until now that they see about 360%, despite the status of the market. Massive development!

Although cryptocurrency is not as much about other coins in space as we write now, Nasdacoin is ranked 68th by CoinMarketCap, combining respected coins in that realm while driving close to the top 50 currencies. At the time of writing Nasdacoin (NSD) is quoted at $ 4.50.

Like the other criptosici see in the downward trend, Nasdacoin is fighting the bear by jumping in front of the other coins that have been crashing all this time.

This recent development has put Nasdacoin in the spotlight. Nothing is behind the price increase over the multilateral platform that was launched recently on October 30, 2018.

Price analysis intraday Nasdacoin (NSD)

The current situation in the cryptographic market seems a bit strange. While the leaders of the market are thrilled with a massive loss of value, a currency not celebrated in cryptospace shows at the moment a flaming gain, making it impose among contemporaries.

From the last 7 days, Nasdacoin (NSD) has progressively increased its value in cryptographic space.

At the start of the last seven days, the NSD / USD trade pair was valued at $ 0.4696 and as the pair continued to rise gradually, the price of NSD / USD rose to $ 1.03 a end of the European negotiation session of 14 November.

In the last 24 hours, the commercial couple has gained a lot again. After reaching $ 1.03, the upward trend of alcohol has changed to a more bullish, and today, in the middle of the Asian trading session, the altcoin has seen mammoth gains while keeping the uptrend . Its value had risen to $ 5.11, the highest price of altcoin for the day at the time of printing.

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After peaking, the value of the NSD fell gradually to $ 3.47 from the dollar at the start of today's European trading session, before returning to the growing wedge against the resistance level.

At the moment, NSD / USD is priced at $ 4.44 with a value of around 360% added in the last 24 hours. Similarly, according to Coinranking, the commercial couple has added 811.53% to its value in the last 7 days.

What is Nasdacoin (NSD)?

Nasdacoin is a decentralized, p2p and open source digital currency with a scrypt algorithm in the POW / POS Hybrid format.

The digital currency allows interested and passionate entrepreneurs and people with financial and technological market knowledge to keep their wealth in a safe currency, free from the maneuvers of any government while earning from their investment.

Unlike some cryptos, Nasdacoin can be extracted from everyone with the use of Asic mining or Rig CPU / GPU via Nasdapool ( Those who do not have basic knowledge can use the mining POS that acquires NSD and save it in a portfolio of windows.

The Nasdacoin platform has an internal and external exchange where traders can trade and earn profits from a fluid system with very low rates.

The platform simplifies user editing From NSD to BTC and vice versa at any time without obstacles.

Nasdacoin offers an investment program that allows investors to get up to 25% profits with a certain bonus.

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