NASA reveals that Earth’s “ Mini Moon ” of 2020 is definitely space junk

This photo from 1964 shows a high-level centaur rocket. Space Object 2020 SO is one of them.


Welcome back to Surveyor 2 Centaur Rocket Booster. We have a new chapter in the story of a bittersweet spaceship that includes a fiery launch, a ruined moon mission and decades of wandering through space.

A booster rocket used by NASA to launch the Surveyor 2 lunar lander in 1966 returned to us for a temporary rotation like a mini moon orbiting the Earth. When scientists discovered it in September, they called it 2020 SO. NASA announced the phenomenon on Wednesday. The material has been positively identified as a 1960s reinforcement.

In 1966, the booster did its job brilliantly, but crashed to the lunar surface.

The specific orbit of the thruster around the sun. This led astronomers to believe it was not an asteroid., One of the many space rocks that surround our cosmic environment. Scams in 1966 located a thruster near Earth.

Observations from the telescope have now revealed the alnico SO 2020. The spectrum data of the mysterious object in this cosmic sensing mission is compared with data collected on a well-known central oscillating amplifier that has been floating in space since 1971. This is a competition .

This object has sparked a lot of interest due to the mystery surrounding it and the fact that it was captured in Earth’s orbit, making it a fairly small visiting mini moon. the Livestream 2020 SO virtual telescope project When he approached Earth on November 30th.

The Centaur Booster will stay with us for a few months, but its space adventures are expected to continue around the sun in March 2021. At this point we all say “Good evening, Centurion. Good night, Mini Moon”.

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