Movii is looking for solidarity income beneficiaries


From today begins the disbursement of the eighth payment of the Solidarity Income, the economic aid program that the national government grants to people with limited resources that already adds 2,616,744 beneficiaries since the August cut.

In this sense, Movii, the virtual wallet, has announced the search for 6,303 Atlantis so that from this eighth payment they can receive their subsidy through the platform, because they are not banking.

“We ask those who have benefited from Solidarity Income via money order to enter the Social Prosperity website to enter their identification number and check which entity corresponds to them,” said Hernando Rubio, CEO and co-founder of Movii.

The delivery of this resource this week coincides with the national government’s intention to encourage trade for the VAT Free Day on Saturday 21st.

So far 161,000 beneficiaries have received payments through Movii, of which 20,518 Venezuelan migrants.


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