Monica Odagiu breaks the silence about her relationship with Dan Bittman. What the artist revealed


Monica Odagiu, actress and, more recently, Facebook content creator, has decided to talk about her relationship with Dan Bittman. Recently invited to Mirela Vaida, the 24-year-old actress answered the moderator’s questions on this topic.

Dan Bittman to the attention of social media

Recently, Dan Bittman went public accusing the current government of mishandling the crisis we find ourselves in. More recently, it has also become a fashion topic. In recent years it was rumored that he was having an affair with young Monica Odagiu, the 24-year-old actress.

The young actress became even more popular in a pandemic after she started posting humorous little scenes on her page, made with her sister, Ana Odagiu. Scenes inspired by madness created by the pandemic, and beyond, are popular with Internet users. Monica was recently invited to Mirela Vaida, and one of the topics was the alleged relationship with Dan Bittman.

“A lot of people said, ‘Man, why don’t you go out and say it’s not true?’ Why don’t you communicate? I said it’s not a good idea. They even made me a year old. I mean, I’m 25, I’m still 24. Everyone does their job as best they can. Somehow we’re trying not to get into discussions. I said it’s not a good idea and it’s not necessary and we want to stay away from them, “said Monica Odagiu.

Dan Bittman is in a 27-year relationship with three children

Until recently, the famous Dan Bittman has been in a relationship for nearly 27 years, with Liliana Ștefan. The two also have three beautiful children and have had a happy life. Why they broke up, only they know for the moment, but the separation would not have happened because of Monica Odagiu, as she herself had told Mirela Vaida. Regarding Dan Bittman’s relationship with Liliana Ștefan, the latter states:

“We don’t see the wedding ring because in a way it seems to me once it’s a question that has come up after so many years and it’s honestly useless. I mean, it seems like a useless thing. I’ve seen many people with wedding rings who have it changed a few times What have I done? I mean, where’s the truth?

Monica Odagiu breaks the silence about her relationship with Dan Bittman.  What the artist revealed
Dan Bittman separates from Liliana Ștefan after 27 years

I tell you in all honesty that I never wanted to get married. Just like going to events or shows. I mean what for? If we still manage to feel very well, what’s the point of changing? That’s how I was. I honestly never thought about it. It seems to me that I have other priorities, it seems a bit obsolete to me, “said Liliana Ștefan.

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