Monero's fluffy pony, Riccardo, says he chose XMR because of the lack of the Bitcoin code connection

  Monero's fluffy pony, Riccardo, says he chose XMR because of the failed connection of the Bitcoin code

Riccardo di Monero chooses Picker Monero because it is not based on the Bitcoin code

Riccardo Spagni, a leading member of the team Monero, was on an episode of Whatbitciondid. During the interview, he spoke extensively about Monero. One of the topics covered was the aspect of Monero's privacy.

The interview also covered many other topics that included similarities between BTC and Monero (XRM) and why privacy is important.

Because he chose Monero

Riccardo talked about why he decided to choose Monero. He stated that one of the main factors that led him to choose Monero was that it was not based on the BTC code. He said this was the main reason he thought twice about Monero.

According to Riccardo, the cloning or drilling of Bitcoin often leads to problems that are not fun to deal with. Riccardo added that the bitcoin cloning or bifurcation required a decade of proven history and contributed with the incentives. Basically, this was slapping a lipstick on a pig or adding features that did not have real incentives. Riccardo said it was not interesting for him.

He also claimed that Monero was new even though the code was not based on mature code. According to him, the aspect of the privacy of Monero was quite important to him. He claimed that Monero was taking concrete steps for privacy. The XRM was helping to push the privacy barrier forward.

The Bitcoin Maximalist

Riccardo also discussed the maximalist Bitcoin community that was frowning on all other plateaus. In fact, those in this community called altcoin shitcoin, except Monero. The main reason for this, according to him, was that those involved in BTC and XRM soon faced similar problems.

In the beginning, Riccardo explained that they did not get anything on a tray. They did not have a clarified mobile wallet written by someone else who could shell out and change names. All they did for Monero was built from scratch, including the wallet.

The resemblance of BTC To XRM

Riccardo still remembers the early times of Bitcoin. In fact, when Bitcoin was launched, it was not fluid at all. It looked like something out of Windows 1995. This was quite similar to what the team Monero had to face. They needed to understand CPU mining and a command line portfolio. Beyond that, the entire database was stored in RAM of only four or five gigabytes for around the first six months.

According to Riccardo Spagni, all the bad things they dealt with, Bitcoin also had to manage. These reasons explain why the maximalists of Bitcoin have so much respect for Monero. They understand what the founders of BTC have endured to give the world a decentralized cryptographic currency that could be transferred from anywhere in the world.

However, most of the other altcoins try to ride the cocktails of successful networks. In some cases, they get worse because there are not enough coders interested in their copied and modified code. It is the main reason why the Bitcoin Maximalists have so little respect for them.

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