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From 2017 the Crypto market has grown considerably. The Blockchain development teams have developed their platforms with most of the blockchain in the first 50 migrations to their Mainnet, including Tron (TRX), VeChain (VET) and other altcoins, even if there are price volatility in cryptocurrencies.

In 2018, Monero (XMR) was at the forefront of this growing industry. The coin-based private network showed multiple growth as ATH placed it high in most of the 2018 analysts, in the technology, cohesion and miners sectors and in price increases.

However, Monero declined in March due to the downward trend. Some community members have forked the Monero blockchain to five different currencies that refer to the prohibition of ASICs (application-specific integrated miners). He had the goal of providing the stability of profits for Monero as the ASIC miners were centralizing power. The fork did not affect the main chain of Monero, community members compromised the removal of the ASIC miners and was a step back in the decentralization of Monero.

When the fork was made, the community became stronger. The development team worked very well in terms of partnerships and technological developments on XMR. Currently, Monero has stated that he will use BTCPayServer to start making payments in order to reduce transaction fees seen on the privacy platform.

The platform and the Monero community had to face some problems in September 2018. The name of the XMR platform was seen in the news with the cryos and the attacks of hackers. Even the Monero development team was plagued by a senseless bug. The Monero community had done with these attackers and made a public declaration of denunciation. The malware response team was created to prevent hackers and any network bugs.

Yet, in September, the price of Monero (XMR) was traded within the range of action, just like other cryptocurrencies. Yesterday began the day with medium-term support levels at $ 166.50, $ 168.50 and $ 170.50 and medium-term resistance at $ 124.50, $ 122.50 and $ 126.50. There was a peak in the price and was between $ 111.50 and $ 117.50. Also, this morning there was a spike that pushed the price further up the top of the range. He even reached the simple 50-day moving average.

Until the XMR did not fall below the central part of the Bollinger Band sellers, the price fell shortly. The possibility of suffering a decline is still high.

"The Monero Malware Workgroup is a self-organized set of volunteers who maintain these resources and provide live support."

Monero announced last week the launch of the Monero Malware Response Workgroup website. It aims to reduce the unauthorized extraction of Monero on users' computers.

Monero Malware Workgroup is pleased with the increase in extraction rates, but Workgroup also affirms the need to limit the unauthorized extraction of XMR with these words:

"We have created a series of resources that explain the basics of Monero and mining, and we have resources that explain and help to block / remove unwanted mining, system mining and ransomware in the browser.The website is deliberately accessible to newcomers. Absolute, so that anyone can understand, although it offers usable information that beginners and experts can follow.Our mission is to solve an unfortunate situation in the best possible way. "- Monero blog on its launch of the Monero Malware Response website Workgroup.

Monero was largely benefited by the fall of his biggest competitor, Verge (XVG), the first quarter of the previous year, after the partnership with Pornhub became bizarre. But with the rebirth of the XVG in recent days and a serious threat from ZCash (ZEC), Monero (XMR) hopes to improve prices in the last months of 2018, remaining in first place in its category.

After the rise and fall, Monero has recently lost 1.38% of his trade. The total trade of XMR is $ 114.25. It means that XMR is down 0.62% compared to Bitcoin and 1.17% compared to USD. In the coming days we can see more clearly the final 2018 prices of Monero.

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