Monero [XMR] portfolios go offline on the main exchanges; delisting by the community


According to a recent post on Reddit, there have been claims of Monero [XMR] be canceled from the main trade in cryptocurrency. This happened after community members saw that the XMR portfolios on Poloniex, Bittrex, Cryptopia and did not work.

Cryptopia, an exchange platform, has officially declared on its website that the XMR portfolio has been maintained since September 24th. They also added that the shares were taken according to the coin developer's request. Bittrex also reported the same and said they are still waiting for more information from the coin development team.

In a recent post on Reddit, developers have denied their involvement with the current problem. They also said that the most respectable or larger stock exchanges have not yet suspended Monero. Exchanges such as Kraken, Binance, Bithumb and HitBTC can still be used to exchange XMRs.

According to the post, Monero coin developers were busy preparing for the next big release of v0.13. The development team also stated that they would not waste time resolving the false controversy. The Monero developers have stated in the chat that the problem is "not because of a bug / problem … at least not known by anyone here".

Monero had recently published a report on the various counting errors. According to the report, the bug was used to exploit services, merchants and exchanges. The developers made it clear that the multiple-count bug was recently corrected and that the bug was not the reason for the existing problem.

Fort3hlulz, a cryptocurrency evangelizer published on reddit:

"Thanks for posting this! People are going crazy for nothing …… The bigger exchanges are still open, is down for other non-XMR issues, and there have been no bugs announcements etc."

Vespco published on Reddit:

"Could it be a social engineering attack to manipulate the price? Anyway someone has an email that seems valid and that could be an exchange of messages claiming that there is a bug?"

Intj440, an enthusiastic Redditor stated:

"Promoted by this FUD, today I sent requests to three OTC exchanges (DV Chain, Circle Trade and Cumberland Mining) and all 3 verified that business is open as usual for XMR."

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