Monero Outreach to promote XRM in Venezuela


Monero Outreach would like to promote the adoption of XRM in Venezuela

Even the community seemed interested in this

The question posed by a user of the popular Reddit social platform, concerning the existence of groups or activists who are spreading the mass adoption of Monero (XRM) in Venezuela, aroused the curiosity of others in this topic. As a result, some members of this community have expressed their interest in seeing an increase in the adoption of this cryptographic resource focused on privacy.

User u / fancyrolling created a post on the official subreddit of Monero, asking if there was any effort to promote the mainstreaming of XRM in that country, noting that the low transaction fees seen in this currency rather than Bitcoin, beyond to privacy provides, it could make this currency more attractive to the Venezuelan community rather than other encrypted ones.

In response to this, an organizer of Monero Outreach commented that they would like to lend a hand to anyone who actually takes the role of leading this adoption.

"Monero Outreach would like to help anyone who does this, we are already translating all our Outreach material into Spanish and working on French, Portuguese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, etc. We hoped that a pool could intensify and take on the task of operating in Venezuela to bring more awareness to Monero and his egalitarian mining, "he said.

Dash could still see another competitor

As stated by Redditor himself, Venezuela is one of the best markets to test the mass adoption of any cryptocurrency, due to its distorted economy and the rapid, constant depreciation of its local currency, the Bolivar (VES).

This situation has also led Venezuela to become one of the most important cryptocurrency trading groups in the world – hence the interest of several cryptographic projects to promote their currency to become the number 1 digital resource for these people. One of these is Dash (DASH).

This currency has become one of the most used cryptographic resources in this country, due to the speed and uninterrupted transaction services it offers to all Venezuelans, which are particularly useful because of the constant problems they have not only with the local currency of above, but also with the traditional point of sale, due to the delay in the transfer of funds in this way.

However, if the Monero community is willing to accept the challenge, it will have to face the expansion of this and other important cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum – both have their fair share of supporters in this country. Since the XRM has the advantage of being privacy-focused, it can be a very attractive cryptocurrency for Venezuelans, who also have to face unrestrained insecurity and the corruption of public officials and other government agents.

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