Monero headed for $ 18k, Ripple Price primed for 97% Crash: Research



The cryptocurrency monarch focused on anonymity may be the best purchase in the crypt right now, and the bitcoin is not far behind. The price of the ripple (XRP), on the other hand, could be triggered by a historical accident.

Bitcoin, Monero Have Bright Futures

This is according to a new report from the initial consulting and research firm Satis Group, which attempts to predict what the shape of the cryptocurrency market will be in the next decade.

The real winner of the analysis is the monero, currently the eleventh largest cryptocurrency, which according to Satis could be worth $ 18,000 over the next five years. This represents an increase of more than 18,200% compared to its current value, which stands at just over $ 98.

This bullish forecast of the XMR largely derives from the expectation of the enterprise that 90% or more of cryptocurrency assessments in the next decade will be linked, not to decentralized applications (dApps) or to other exciting use cases, but to penetration into the offshore deposits market. As a non-censurable cryptocurrency, but also helps users to confuse transaction data, Monero stands as one of the best gainers of the decade.

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Source: Satis Group

It is therefore not surprising that bitcoin also ranks among Satis's highest cryptoassets, with the company predicting that "digital gold" will echo the $ 96,000 mark in five years. This would give the cryptocurrency a market capitalization well north of $ 1.5 trillion, allowing it to consolidate its dominant position in the market.

From the report:

"Despite the lack of appeal during retail frenzy, we continue to believe that BTC and its network effect will dominate the final market share of currencies and the global market for cryptotaxis, guided by: 1) increase in liquidity and purchase routes, 2) increase in brand recognition, 3) its position as a default base in crypto markets, 4) decrease in relative volatility, 5) relative lack of attack, 6) reduction of network capacity through the maturity of level 2 solutions, and 7) an ever-increasing cost of attack and overthrow. "

Other large-capital cryptocurrencies that are expected to be appreciated against dollar in the next decade: ethereum, litecoin and dash, even if all these coins will see the crater of their market share compared to BTC and XMR.

Ripple Price Eyes Crash T oward $ 0.01

Even so, Satis believes that they will go much better than other peers of large capitalization, which, apart from bitcoin and monero, will implode openly.

Analysts predict that XRP, once trading at $ 3.84 and now worth $ 0.33, will collapse another 97% over the next five years, ultimately declining . Cardano will face a similar fate, plunging 99% to just $ 0.001, as well as stellar, which has a 91% drop to the horizon. Bitcoin liquidity and EOS also have downward forecasts, and although their decline will not be so severe, it is unlikely that these valuations will be used for anything that goes beyond day trading and speculation.

Commenting on this controversial perspective, the report concludes:

"Within the currency networks, we continue to see … the significant disadvantage of networks that have inherited the recognition of the brand and the potential for adoption. short-lived during the hiccup by their fork-parent (as BCH) and a very low value in networks that are marketed misleadingly and not even required for use within their own network (such as XRP). "

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