MLB teams have had an incredible debt this 2020


According to the commissioner of the MLB, Rob Manfred, the 30 league teams remained millions of dollars in debt gigantic in this season, thanks to nothing more and nothing less than the coronavirus.

Since the start of the season, many have wondered how teams had the money to pay their players without their main cheap tickets, which are the attendance of fans in the MLB.

And without anyone noticing, everything indicates that the teams have started making millionaire loans in order to cover their expenses and pay their players without problems.

This is why Manfred made it clear that the teams were left with debt of up to $ 8.3 billion in MLB 2020.

Now we understand why Rob Manfred was so insistent that the season was 60 games at the most, because he knew he wouldn’t be right for the team. MLBPlus, we already know why it was the players’ pay cut.

At least the MLB He sold about 10,000 bowling alleys for the World Series and managed to replace some money, if not, the losses would have been greater.

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