MinerGate officially releases the final version of its & # 39; xFast Miner & # 39; highly anticipated

MinerGate officially releases the final version of its & # 39; xFast Miner & # 39; highly anticipated

Earlier this week, a spokesman for MinerGate, one of the world's leading mining mines, announced to its 3.5 million user base that the company was ready to release the # 39; latest version of the long-awaited "xFast Miner" engine.

According to the CEO of MinerGate, Claude Lecomte, this latest version is designed to increase the overall functionality and accessibility of the platform. Furthermore, it is worth noting that MinerGate currently offers miners a quality merger service that provides 99.97% uptime (along with a host of other intelligent mining capabilities).

So, what's with xFast Miner again?

As per press release available on the official website of MinerGate, the latest version of xFast Miner has been strengthened with new technological algorithms that allow the platform to increase the native extraction speed for a total of 11 supported cryptocurrencies. Some of these currencies include BTC, BTG, ZEC, XMR.

Other key aspects of the latest version include:

  • Up to 20 percent performance improvement in terms of overall platform hash rate.
  • It is compatible with almost all the major GPUs available on the market today.
  • The upgrade enables extensive hardware support, making the platform more diverse in its general usability.
  • The new miner is supplied with the possibility of distributing both the command line version and the general user versions of the native interface.

Regarding the latest version of his company, Lecomte said:

"Now MinerGate provides users with some of the fastest hash rates in collective mining pools, with an industry-best hashish rate of 283 for Monero, among other standouts,"

Finally, it is worth noting that the beta version of xFast Miner had already received over 800,000 downloads from fans around the world (thus demonstrating how popular encryption is).

xFast Miner has the potential to dominate the mining sector

To further see how good xFast Miner is, we can compare the platform with its closest rivals to the mining industry. In this regard, the statistical data clearly demonstrate that xFast miner is the best solution for GeForce CUDA extraction. However, it also seems that the extraction of ZEC on the CUDA GTX 960 configuration is better with Bminer.

From an efficiency point of view, MinerGate's latest press release states:

"XFast mining on configurations AMD OpenCL offers the user a tangible advantage for the XMR and ETH extraction", reads the press release.

Finally, it is worth noting that, recently, a MinerGate spokesperson announced that his company has just launched its latest BTC mining pool (based on the SHA-256 protocol).

Final take

Even if the cryptography sector in general seems to be facing a crazy amount of bearish momentum at the moment, the fact that so many enthusiasts are still looking for encryption as a legitimate way to make money, just goes to show the thrust that this sprout financial domain has.

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