Miley Cyrus poses topless for Rolling Stone magazine


Miley Cyrus honors the new edition of “Rolling Stone”. But she was also photographed topless. He provides insights on Instagram and shares numerous photos from the shoot.

It is known that Miley Cyrus has no problems with freedom of movement. During a photo shoot for the American edition of the music magazine “Rolling Stone”, the musician, who celebrated her 28th birthday on November 23, shows herself completely topless. In the following shots she covers her breasts with her hands, in the others she is fully clothed.

In the topless photo, Cyrus rips off his leather jacket and sticks out his tongue. She wears big black sunglasses, several necklaces and a black skirt.

“I did the opposite”

While the singer censored the photo on Instagram with the “Rolling Stone” logo, Cyrus posted the photo in all its glory on Twitter. He writes: “They told me to cover them, so I did the opposite.”

“Do you still do it?”

In an interview with the magazine, Cyrus said, “I think we’ve made great strides in the past couple of years, especially with women and their bodies. I don’t even know if I can really be ashamed of it. Can you still do that?” Slutshaming is the term used to describe people’s contempt for their sexual behavior or for choosing sexually provocative clothing.

Cyrus adorns the cover of the current issue of “Rolling Stone” with another photo. She can also be seen topless, but she covers her breasts with her hands. The singer also posted the cover on Instagram and wrote: “At least I’ll give the papers something to write about.”


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