Mihai Rotaru, about the rumors that CSA Steaua would have detected: “Well, I have lived with Mititelu for 7 years and now I take Gigi?”


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“It’s not even a joke. It’s a joke, I’m not interested in investing in any other football team in Romania Well, I’ve been living with Mititelu for 7 years and now I’m dating Gigi? It means I’m a masochist!

I kept my head on my shoulders, but you never know where I’m going. But at the University of Craiova I didn’t finish what I had to do, which is an independent team.

Mihai Rotaru: “I want a Craiova who doesn’t depend on a financier”

My goal is to create a University of Craiova that does not depend on the capital contribution of an employer.

I know there are those who bet everything on one season, like in the casino, red or black, but at the moment the club is far from self-financing “. Mihai Rotaru said in a speech at the Digi Sport Special.

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