Microsoft is removing usernames from the productivity score in Microsoft 365


3 December 2020 – After the criticism, Microsoft changed the productivity score in Microsoft 365 and removed the usernames so that their actions no longer appear.

After criticizing the productivity tools of its Microsoft 365 products, the company removed usernames from the productivity rating. Although the productivity score is intended to improve the productive use of Microsoft 365 according to Microsoft, data protection experts criticize the fact that it also provides information on the use of features such as email and chat and therefore allows monitoring. of employees.

Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365 at the Redmond company, explains in a blog post that a feature was added during the preview that shows end user names and associated actions over a 28-day period. This feature has now been completely removed. Data for the value of productivity for communication, meetings, content collaboration, teamwork and mobility is now only collected at the organizational level. (abr)


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