Microsoft is reducing support for Internet Explorer


Microsoft is reducing support for Internet Explorer

Microsoft is reducing support for Internet Explorer. YouTube, Twitter and Instagram are just some of the sites that will no longer be accessible via Internet Explorer. Microsoft has finally found a way to stop people from using Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer users will not be able to access approximately 1,156 websites. These include destinations such as YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Instead, they will be directed to these websites using Microsoft’s Edge browser, which is based on Chromium.

This will happen when Microsoft releases the next version of the Edge browser. This launch will most likely take place in November.

Microsoft is reducing support for Internet Explorer

The list of websites is stored in a DLL file that Microsoft added to Edge installations over the summer. Interner Explorer uploads the file via a plugin, which then monitors across websites which websites you visit.

When browsing a website that Microsoft would prefer not to visit via Internet Explorer, the following support page will be displayed:

“You have been redirected to Microsoft Edge, where you can continue browsing without interruption. If you come across a site that needs Internet Explorer, you can load it in Internet Explorer mode without leaving Microsoft Edge.”.

Microsoft announced that 4 years ago it will no longer support Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10. However, just like previous versions of Android, there are still a limited number of people who continue to use the software to browse the Internet.

right StatCounter, as of September 2020, Internet Explorer holds a 1.19% share of the global browser market. Eventually, Microsoft will permanently abandon Internet Explorer, but things will gradually happen. If you don’t have Edge installed on your PC, you can avoid switching from Internet Explorer to Edge.

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