Microsoft has found the right way to kill Internet Explorer forever


Microsoft is making a real revolution inside its doors when it comes to its browser. After years of focusing primarily on Internet Explorer and with an experience called Edge, he now wants his new browser to be the benchmark in the market.

You still need to be able to get rid of all IE history and prove that Edge is indeed the solution for the future. This has been a struggle against this browser, but everything reveals that it will have finally found a way to kill Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Edge Windows browser

Microsoft wants to kill Internet Explorer

For years, Internet Explorer has been the reference in the field of browsers. Its unique position within Windows has reserved a place in history that is unlikely to be surpassed by any other proposition that exists or will exist.

This legacy makes it a choice for many users even today, even with the new Edge already available. Microsoft tried to eliminate this proposal, but apparently without the success it expected. The market reacted, but not at the expected pace.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Edge Windows browser

Sites required to open on Edge

Now, and in an upcoming novelty, Microsoft appears to have found the formula it needs. Internet Explorer may soon disappear, thanks to the way it is implemented. Some sites will now refer to Edge if they are opened in IE.

The list will include 1156 sites, which will be impossible to open in the Windows history browser. This list will include sites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or ESPN, among others, which will be forwarded to Edge.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Edge Windows browser

Check your Windows browser

This filtering will be done with a simple DLL, which will be loaded to monitor these sites. Whenever one is detected, it will show a clear message to the user and then forward it to the new browser. If needed, you can use the compatibility mode on the Edge.

With a market share of around 2.5%, even Internet Explorer seems to refuse to die. Even with the new Edge almost imposed on users, this browser from Microsoft managed to stay put. The question that remains is: Can Microsoft Kill Internet Explorer Forever?

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