Microsoft Exec joins the Blockchain Enjin gaming platform to lead Enterprise Push


The blockchain gaming platform Enjin is rolling out an offer to attract more business and has hired an executive with two decades of experience at Microsoft to lead the effort.

Announced Monday, Alex Solomon, whose last role at Microsoft was Azure Product Marketing Director, Western Europe, has joined Enjin as Executive Director of Enterprise Platforms.

As Enjin’s head of business, Solomon will work with corporate clients looking to create digital experiences using blockchain technology to improve customer retention, acquisition and engagement, the company said.

The goal is to offer a complete service stack that allows companies to create token projects through a model-driven experience.

At Microsoft, Solomon led the development and launch of Azure Heroes, a blockchain-based digital collectible recognition program created to incentivize developers to build on Azure. The 2019 project, based on non-fungible tokens based on Ethereum’s blockchain, or NFT, was a collaboration with Enjin.

His other roles at the tech giant included chief marketing officer in Malaysia and responsible for marketing operations in Western Europe.

“The opportunity to join Enjin’s leadership team to help develop and build the company’s vision for the enterprise was a natural and compelling leap that offered me a new set of challenges to tackle.” Solomon said.

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