Microsoft blocks pages from Internet Explorer


The ancient Internet Explorer is coming to an end.
The ancient Internet Explorer is coming to an end.

It’s slowly getting dark for Internet Explorer, Twitter warns users of election misinformation, and Apple wants to review the AirPods. This and more in the digital news of the day.

According to ZDNet, it will soon no longer be possible to open more than 1,000 websites with Internet Explorer. If you visit sites like YouTube, Twitter or Instagram from next month, they will no longer appear in Internet Explorer. Instead, Edge, Microsoft’s new standard browser, which is now based on Google’s Chromium, opens automatically.

Microsoft says that the affected websites are no longer compatible with Internet Explorer, so they are doing something good for users. Microsoft has been aggressively pushing Edge on its users for some time. With the latest Windows 10, for example, all users have installed the Chromium-based Edge, which can no longer be removed.

Twitter warns users of election misinformation

Twitter wants to proactively warn its users in the United States about election misinformation. Notes on incorrect information on postal vote or election day should appear in the feed, reports “NBC News”. Twitter is already equipping specific tweets containing misinformation with warning notices – Donald Trump is particularly impressed.

Apple wants to review the AirPods

Apple plans to launch revised versions of its AirPods headphones next year. Regular AirPods should have a shorter trunk, but don’t support noise suppression yet. In the case of the AirPods Pro, the trunk must be completely omitted, so that you only have a button in your ear, reports “Bloomberg”.

iPhone 12 Pro can measure body height

Thanks to its lidar sensor, the iPhone 12 Pro can measure a person’s height at a glance. To do this, the supplied “Measuring tape” app must be opened and simply pointed at a person standing or sitting. Their size is then displayed immediately.

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