Michael Wendler (RTL): Clear indications? The pop star displays a bizarre sign in her backyard


Michael Wendler is currently causing a stir.

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The events that have been happening for some time around pop singer Michael Wendler are undoubtedly partly questionable. With the latest discovery in Wendler’s backyard, it should fuel speculation about him again.

  • Michael Wendler it polarizes almost daily with new accidents.
  • For Crown-Conspiracy and DSDS refusal: Michael Wendler now Trump supporter?
  • Transparent shield in the front yard: could Pop star Michael Wendler yet Speculation heat up.

Florida – Michael Wendler she feels at home in her adopted home in Florida. That is with his current place of residence and the current one President of the United States is satisfied, he has now revealed more or less officially with an indirect hint.

Pop star Michael Wendler is making new headlines every day following his DSDS-off and several crown theories

With the scenarios that have occurred in the recent past, pop star Michael Wendler shouldn’t have put himself in the best light. From the announcement of the cancellation of his DSDS jury, to his questionable Corona statements: the pop star caused a giant one with these incidents Flood of securities. He also lost his career huge knot. His manager too Markus Krampe war almost speechless of this action and announced live on the Oliver Pocher show: “For me he’s sick, really sick. According to Krampe, Michael Wendler could have lived debt free in America until the end of the year thanks to his participation in DSDS and other advertising deals. But he doesn’t think it’s possible anymore because of what happened.

Michael Wendler: After the crown conspiracy and the DSDS-off even Trump supports it? Evidence has emerged

“I will never go back to Germany. Germany will probably no longer exist, ”he is said to have told his manager over the phone. And to emphasize once again how comfortable he is in his Adopted at home in Florida hear, the pop star is advertising for the next election campaign in the US, or rather for candidates and current ones President Donald Trump.

Michael Wendler has such a campaign poster in his backyard. Donald Trump’s ad could be seen in his Instagram story.

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Until recently, there was a clear sign in her Instagram story as to which to be political statement points out. “Make America great again,” he stands Trump’s election manifestothat Wendler demonstratively in his courtyard must stand up. With this, the pop singer propagates the Re-election of the controversial president of the United States.

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