Michael Jordan didn’t play superstars like LeBron James had he made the NBA


The modern era of NBA has two maximum digits: Michael Jordan and LeBron James, who are the main supporters candidates of the league to be defined the goat On this occasion, we will discuss one of the arguments in favor of the legend of Chicago Bulls.

“Michael has never played alongside a superstar to win a championship, LeBron did.” is one of the statements in the NBA GOAT debate. Is it so so? You will judge, but in the meantime we will tell you if any of the players who were with Jordan in the six titles he won can have this badge.

You couldn’t start with a name other than Scottie Pippen. The former goalkeeper was one of the best defenders in NBA history, there is no doubt about that, but now it was the score that dominated the game a good player, not a superstar. In a playoff match he never scored more than 32 points.

Other names that might contradict that Jordan has never played with a superstar are Toni Kukoc and Dennis Rodman. The Croatian was instrumental in easing Michael’s offensive load in the Bulls second league hat-trick, but in the playoffs it was inconsistent with a 40% effectiveness in field shots. On Rodman’s side, attack has never been the strong point of a great rebounder and defender. None of them were superstars.

Jordan did not play superstars in the NBA

Other names like BJ Armstrong, Steve Kerr and John Paxson, enter this discussion as prominent actors for Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls will win six NBA titles, but they are not comparable to that of the category the superstars LeBron James played with (Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosch, Kyre Irving and Anthony Davis) Or did he?


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