META 1 Coin Trust Announces Commission for the Study of Global Persecution of Cryptocurrency Projects


Boca Raton, Florida, October 27, 2020, // ChainWire //

By partnering with other cryptocurrencies, META 1 addresses injustice and human rights

META 1 Coin Trust has announced plans to identify, research and document cases of government overrun in cryptocurrency cases globally, as part of its ongoing efforts to promote human rights and individual freedom.

According to Robert P. Dunlap, managing director of META 1 Coin Trust, “Malicious attacks on crypto projects globally by overzealous government agencies must be documented and publicized to protect the individual freedoms of META 1 Coin holders, as well as issuers and other cryptocurrencies. “He added:” The decentralized and non-jurisdictional reality of cryptocurrencies has left government agencies often unable to fully discuss cases and the general public should not continue to suffer from excessive over-action as they agencies are clamoring to save face “.

META 1 Coin Trust is led by Robert P. Dunlap and Nicole Bowdler, both of whom are committed to fending off the unhindered global persecution of cryptocurrencies. By calling attention to years of organized efforts by government agencies to specifically target cryptocurrency projects, their hope is that the public will see and demand an end to these unfair violations of individual freedom.

Specific complaints that motivated this initiative include grave concerns about government agencies’ obstruction of people’s livelihoods, character defamation and false defamatory allegations that could tarnish people’s names for years to come, long after that. the lawsuits have been withdrawn or resolved. If similar actions were perpetrated by non-governmental entities, there would be a basis for legal claims and damages, however government agencies are protected by sovereign immunity laws which generally protect them from legal action.

Since lawsuits by government agencies are sporadic, often involving different parties and lengthy investigations, the cumulative effect of their efforts is usually not seen by causal observers. META 1 will collaborate with other cryptocurrencies that have been targeted for baseless legal claims by government agencies to develop a class-level action file that will demonstrate the cumulative actions of government agencies in an easy-to-view compiled format.

META 1 Coin Trust will form a commission, in collaboration with other cryptocurrencies, to formally research and study the results of the results through interviews with experts and legal research. Once the findings are documented, legal counsel will be consulted on possible class action efforts to seek potential remedies from the cumulative harms incurred as part of a clear pattern of targeted abuse and persecution.

Dunlap added: “We hope government agencies will notice our efforts to highlight their unfair targeting of cryptocurrencies, so as to stop these unethical tactics and allow the crypto community to live and conduct business in peace without the threat of constant harassment. . We respect the need of governments to guarantee law and order and to protect the safety of people. At the same time, we expect governments to also respect the individual freedoms and livelihoods of law-abiding people, which is currently the issue we will investigate. “

META 1 encourages all cryptocurrency issuers or coin holders who have been subjected to government agency actions in the past to contact META 1 to be part of this study, via the company’s website contact page at:

About META 1 Coin Trust:

META 1 is an asset-backed cryptocurrency founded by crypto visionary Robert P. Dunlap with the intent to promote the concepts of abundance and equity in the service of humanity. As part of its mission, META 1 actively promotes the cause of human rights and leads the fight against excessive government regulation and the overrun of the non-jurisdictional ecosystem of the global cryptocurrency.

META 1 is also a socially conscious company that envisions a future filled with abundance and prosperity for humanity instead of overcoming blockades, taxes and regulations.

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