Media Markt and Saturn warn of delays


Media Markt and Saturn customers couldn't get their PS5 at launch.
Media Markt and Saturn customers couldn’t get their PS5 at launch.

An email to Media Markt & Saturn customers has currently clouded the wait for the PS5 launch on November 19th. It is no longer excluded that pre-orderers will no longer receive their next generation consoles on time on the day of publication. According to the dealers, the reason is the very high demand.

And here is the email that many of you have received:

Mail from Media Markt to PS5 pre-orders.
Mail from Media Markt to PS5 pre-ordinators.

If you were wondering if you could have completed your pre-order too late, we can rest assured here. The GamePro editors themselves, but also many of our readers, who were able to place an order shortly after the pre-order started, are also interested.

So it doesn’t seem to matter if you pre-ordered at 12pm or a few hours later. It therefore appears that Media Markt and Saturn generally want to protect themselves with this mail.

The reasons for the possible postponement are meanwhile unclear. It is true that we are talking about a very high demand that alone cannot or should not be decisive. Without speculating, we asked Sony for a statement but also Media Markt. As soon as we receive new information, we will update the message.

No PS5 sales on site

As announced yesterday, the PS5 will not be on dealership shelves at launch, it will be sold purely online. According to Sony, the reason is a protective measure due to the corona pandemic. However, those who have selected “pick-up in the market” can continue to do so. You can read more about the subject here:

PS5 sales only online: Sony cancels the launch on the site


more on the subject

PS5 sales only online: Sony cancels the launch on the site

The PS5 and the DualSense in the test

If you want to know more about the PS5, how it works on Sony’s Next Gen console, we now have a detailed test on the site. His colleague Hannes has already been able to test the PS5 for over a week and informs you in his articles about the console itself, the DualSense, but also about the pre-installed game Astro’s Playroom.

In the meantime, write us in the comments if you are interested too.

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