McAfee continues to promote cryptocurrencies from his Spanish prison cell


John McAfee, an eccentric millionaire, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and antivirus expert, was recently arrested in Spain on US tax evasion charges. He also faces allegations stemming from a series of questionable crypto promotions, from which he would have made millions of dollars. Although he is currently in a Spanish prison, that hasn’t stopped him from sharing some of his thoughts on recent developments in the cryptocurrency industry.

Regarding PayPal’s recent announcement, McAfee said, “PayPal’s acceptance of cryptocurrency signals, I believe, is a new wave of cryptocurrency acceptance around the world. Governments around the world will have to get used to cryptocurrencies. “.

In 2017, McAfee boldly predicted that Bitcoin would hit $ 1 million within three years, though he later resumed his comment in July 2020. Asked if his view of the asset class had changed in the following months, he replied yes. stating “Too many people are using cryptography as a get-rich-quick way rather than its original intent, which is for buying and selling transactions.

“We will very soon see a new movement in using cryptocurrencies as transactions rather than get-rich-quick schemes. This is why I developed the private $ GHOST stablecoin.”

While McAfee is no longer involved with the Ghost cryptocurrency asset, it still remains a part of the larger network privacy project.

“My work with $ GHOST revolves entirely around our development of the world’s first private stablecoin,” explained McAfee. “Version one will be a wrapped DAI. Next we will have a new stable and private blockchain. Holders of $ GHOST will share all transaction fee profits for the stablecoin. “

According to his correspondence, facilitated by his wife, Ms. Janice McAfee, he has not yet been transported to the United States and still resides in Barcelona. “I haven’t seen the full complaint or allegations against me, but I assume they’re also looking into my crypto assets,” said John.

McAfee and his wife posted a series of updates via their Twitter profiles after his arrest. John has been evading the US authorities for quite some time due to the tax charges against him.

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