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In the wake of the new coronavirus pandemic, many families have been forced to separate and Colombian reggaeton Maluma, who recently performed at the Billboard Latin Music Awards with his song ‘Hawaii’, was no exception.

“I came home after 5 months and I gave my mother a little surprise”The Colombian singer wrote on his Instagram account. The message was accompanied by a video of the exact moment he surprised her, arriving at her home in Medellín without notifying her.

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In the recording, you can see the paisa knock on the door and get excited when she saw her mother open it.

But what Internet users highlighted the most was the response from Marlli Arias, the singer’s mother, who looks completely stunned and yells “No!” of the thrill of seeing him in his gate.

Marlli stayed for a few seconds covering her face and almost on the verge of tears, until he came over and gave her a very emotional hug.

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(If you see us from the app you can see the video here).

The video ends with the two separating, after a long hug, and with Marlli looking at her son with an expression of love and affection shared online.

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Some artists have also reacted moved by the moment shared on Instagram. For example, American singer Jennifer López commented in the publication: “Mother and son What love!”

“Dad, the background music, a beauty. You came to Colombia, ‘Medallo’ ”, wrote Pipe Bueno, who interprets the song ‘L’vito’ with Maluma.

Pipe Bueno Ft Maluma – The Invitation | Lyric videoPipe Bueno Ft Maluma – The Invitation | Lyric video

Pipe Bueno Ft Maluma - The Invitation |  Lyric video

This single from Pipe Bueno y Maluma was released in 2014.

Another singer who commented was David Escobar, of Piso 21, who wrote: “True love (true love, in Spanish)”.

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The publication, which already has more than 6 million views and more than 24,000 comments, occurred 3 days after the release of the video for the singer’s new single, “Madrid”, a collaboration with Mike Towers that already has over 4.5 million views.

Maluma, Myke Towers – Madrid (Official video)Maluma, Myke Towers – Madrid (Official video)

Maluma, Myke Towers - Madrid (Official video)

The song is part of the fifth album by singer Paisa.

Maluma released his fifth studio album in August, called “Papi Juancho”. The album includes collaborations with Lenny Tavarez, Darell, Justin Quiles, Ñejo, Yandel, Dálmata, Zion, Randy, Yomo, Jory Boy and, of course, Myke Towers.

I want you to find the essence of Juan Luis, he goes with all my love, from my instinct. I don’t say it like Maluma, I say it as a reggaeton fan, it’s a complete album from start to finish, “he told EL TIEMPO about this new production.

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Finally, the Colombian singer assured that he had recorded more than 50 songs, of which 22 remained on the final album, because he wanted to entertain people:

This period of quarantine and spending so much time at home made me think about everything: my career, my world, my life and one of those things is that I don’t want to keep anything anymore.“, He assured.



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