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The guest Tom Shaughnessy of the 51 percent Crypto Research podcast recently interviewed the developer of the XRP Tip Bot. Hailed as a turning point, the social media bot allows users on Twitter, Discord and reddit to send small amounts of XRP to tip the other users, showing their appreciation for the great content and sharing of knowledge .

By developing the suggestions bot, the creator Wietse Wind has created a bridge between two solid communities: social media and XRP.

Continuous integration works by allowing a user to respond to a comment with a simple formatted message that includes the amount of the suggestion.

+ / U / xrptipbot (Reddit)

+ @xrptipbot (Twitter and Discord)

The application, which creates a new way of social interaction, shows that cryptocurrency is a new form of money that can outperform the old-fashioned fiat where peer transactions entail excessive processing costs.

In the interview, "Wietse Wind: a conversation without prejudice about XRP The Cryptocurrency Beyond Ripple The Company," Wind follows his developments as a cryptic hobbyist. He begins with his interest in cryptocurrency in 2010. In 2016 he saw an interview with David Schwartz, CTO of Ripple.

"I've noticed that the technology is really easy to use: if you're a web developer or someone who programs in your free time and knows JavaScript and things like that, you can start with a few lines of code, which caught my attention. to do it – coding, sharing code, open source, creating XRP projects, and now I'm doing it almost full time. "

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Wind claims that XRP offers some critical advantages over other cryptocurrencies, making it a sensible choice for developers looking to create real applications for consumers and small businesses. It's fast, cheap, and easy to implement in apps and browsers and does not require a massive installation because the software is designed to allow developers to run smaller nodes that do not require the entire blockchain history to be downloaded for interact with it.

Wind says that although there are other cryptocurrencies with similar benefits, XRP's ability to adjust transactions within 4 seconds makes it more interesting. Its main objective, however, is represented by consumer cases, peer-to-peer transactions and small businesses.

These types of XRP applications fundamentally differ from the main objectives of the Ripple company, which targets banks and remittances. To date, Wind says that over 70,000 XRPs have been sent via its tip tip, around 100,000 XRPs, or a total of around $ 45,000, with zero dollars in transaction fees. For example, to send $ 1 in XRP to another user is free.

Wind talks about creative application in space and production of other applications that can be developed on the basis of technology. He is currently working on ways to implement XRP overturning in restaurants and other locations.

"It's still a hobby that got out of hand, it's still fun There's no business model, and the community advises me to keep the servers running."

"Even if Ripple disappeared tomorrow, I think we would still be able to keep the network running and all the benefits, like price, security, speed, would still be there …

For me, personally, nothing would change. I still think that their technology can be used for many, many different things and would really solve the problems of the real world. "

As for the traditional adoption by ordinary people who feel comfortable with the banks and the services they provide, Wind claims to be uncertain about an acquisition of cryptocurrencies. Her mother, she admits, would not use cryptocurrencies because she has traditional bank cards that work for her.

"In the long run I think it will be a device to transfer value under the hood, and people will only see their own local currency, and will only be able to send fast and cheap value somewhere."

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