Litecoin Price Analysis: Litecoin (LTC) Price Embarks Recovery; Coins business for $ 73

  • The Litecoin price (LTC) reflects a recovery in the intraday chart.
  • The future perspective seems brighter.

The Litecoin price (LTC) has started a slowdown in the price chart. The last two days have been quite worrying for the entire market. Market capitalization has fallen to $ 26 billion, to $ 30 billion in the last month.

Well, the recovery is in the currency is indicating a better time in advance. We hope that the market wave will soon embark. Slow and steady recovery may also be an indication for future price rallies.

Price Comparison from LTC to USD:

The graph is taken from Trading View on the 18thth August 2019 at 06:41:28 UTC for the analysis of prices.

LTC price forecast
LTC chart of TradingView

Looking at the chart, the currency is reflecting a downward trend. The currency started to rise from the last hours of yesterday's chart and started today. Yesterday, the currency opened with a small uptrend. The currency rose from $ 75 to $ 75.5 by 0.50%. The currency rose from $ 75.5 to $ 71.6 by 4.99%. The currency recovered from $ 71 to $ 72 by 3%. Today, the currency has slipped by 1.83% from $ 72 to $ 71.6. Subsequently, the currency rose from $ 71.6 to $ 73.3 by 2.42%.

Current Litecoin statistics:

details Litecoin (LTC)
Price 72.95 USD
ROI 1596.53%
Rank 5
Circulating supply 63.060.006 LTC
Total offer 63.060.006 LTC
Market capitalization 4,600,082,753 USD
Volume 24 hours 2,471,465,511 USD

Forecast and conclusion of the Litecoin price:

litecoin (LTC) outperformed Bitcoin (BTC) from the beginning of the year. The currency exceeded traders' expectations in the first two quarters. Since the third quarter, Litcoin has been under pressure from the market. Therefore, the currency is suffering on the chart.

The currency is expected to reach around $ 100 by the end of 2019. Long-term traders would be seen to derive colossal profits in the future.

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