Litecoin {LTC} price analysis for the day, #PaywithLitecoin and watch the game featuring Miami Dolphins


Litecoin is ranked at # 5 right after Bitcoin Cash on coinmarketcap. The price of LTC ascended to a rate of 2.15% in the course of the past 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $ 2.810 billion, while the supply has 63,092,974 LTC coins in play. The total market cap of Litecoin is $ 4.655 billion. As of this moment, LTC is priced at $ 73.80.

The Miami Dolphins had a resounding victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. The final scoreboard read 22-7. A few weeks ago, prior to the halving event, the Litecoin Foundation had a new partnership with the rugby club based in Miami.

David Schwartz, the project director of the Litecoin Foundation expressed his joy later in the comments section. Currently, the preseason games are ongoing, but with the advent of the regular season, paying with Litecoin and Bitcoin online would be made possible.

The Treasury Departments of the United States have many problems. Fujing Zheng, Guanghua Zheng, and Xiaobing Yan are wanted individuals whose identities have been blacklisted. Their activities have left marks all over the world.

Recently, Charlie Lee received a ton of flak for the slow advancement of Litecoin. He addressed these concerns via a series of tweets. Lee spoke of how 2019 was a year where adoption was the clear focus, but the network will keep growing with the passage of time. Litecoin Core 0.18.1 is being developed under the guidance of Adrian Gallagher [who is the present lead developer].

You can read more about the latest interview conducted by right here. Xinxi Wang spoke on slow updates on GitHub, low donations and various other topics:

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