Litecoin (LTC) Ends Last Hour Up $ 0.27; Notice for the third consecutive day


The hourly display for LTC

Last updated 24 October 2020, 01: 036 GMT

Right now, the price of LTC is up $ 0.27 (0.49%) from the previous hour. This is a reversal of the price action in the previous hour, where the price has fallen. Regarding the trend, note that the strongest trend exists in the 100 hour time frame. Note that the 20 hours have changed direction on LTC; now points down. The moving averages over the hourly timeframe suggest a fall in the price, as 20, 50, 100 and 200 are all in a bearish alignment, which means that the shorter duration moving averages are below the longer duration averages, the which implies a stable downward trend.

Litecoin daily price summary

Litecoin is up to 1.84% ($ 1) since yesterday, marking the 3rd consecutive day, there has been an upward movement. The price movement occurred on volume that fell 15.69% from the previous day, but up 98.12% from the same day the previous week. On a relative basis, yesterday was pretty good: Litecoin beat all 7 assets in the Top Cryptos class 🙂 Here is a chart of Litecoin’s daily price.


Litecoin technical analysis

The clearest trend exists in the 30 days timeframe, which shows the price increasing over time. For another point of view, consider that Litecoin’s price has increased by 19 of the previous 30 trading days.

Heard on Twitter

On Twitter, here are the best tweets on Litecoin:

  • From DaddyCool1991:

    I’m pretty sure PayPal doesn’t have a commodity as a payment option, which should force you to review how the 4 cryptocurrencies are ranked on it.
    Hence the word #cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Litecoin

  • From ArgoBlockchain:

    What a week. PayPal which allows customers to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies, including BTC, Ether and Litecoin, is a big step forward. On Wednesday, this pushed BTC’s price above $ 13,000.
    🚀 # BTC

  • From stormxio:

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