Litecoin (LTC) closes last hour up $ 0.19; in an uptrend for the past 30 days, upside down for the 2nd consecutive day


The hourly display for LTC

Last updated 27 October 2020, 01: 037 GMT

Right now, the price of LTC has increased by $ 0.19 (0.33%) from the previous hour. It was a party for bulls operating on an hourly time frame, as LTC has now increased by 4 in the past 5 hours. If you are a trend trader, consider that the strongest clear trend on the hourly chart exists in the 100 hour period. The moving averages on the hourly time frame suggest a discontinuity in price, as 20, 50, 100 and 200 are all in a mixed alignment, which means that the trend across time periods is inconsistent, indicating a potential opportunity for rangebound traders.

Litecoin daily price summary

Litecoin closed the day before down 3.35% ($ 1.97); this denotes the 2nd consecutive day that a drop has occurred. The price movement occurred on volume that fell 6.93% from the previous day, but up 216.35% from the same day the previous week. Compared to other instruments in the Top Cryptos asset class, Litecoin was ranked 6th from the previous day in terms of percentage change in price. Let’s take a look at Litecoin’s daily price chart.


Litecoin technical analysis

The clearest trend exists on the 14th day timeframe, which shows the price increasing over time. For further context, note that the price has risen by 17 over the past 30 days.

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    Only a maximum of 18% of all PayPal users could buy a litecoin if they wanted to … This assumes that all litecoins today are available for purchase, which of course they are not. The price is about to skyrocket. $ 400 on the way

  • From im_uname:

    Do you know that litecoin is one of the most active projects around? With a slight delay, it is literally as active as Bitcoin Core!

  • From cryptomors:

    I see $ LTC will have extraordinary gains next year simply because it is significantly cheaper for the new class of institutional / commercial investors to buy a pie larger than the total market cap while still being institutionally approved (Grayscale, Paypal, etc … .) #litecoin

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